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Transparency, communication, digitalization, flexibility and response time have become more important than ever in managing companies since the Corona crisis. 


Many organizations will need to change to overcome the systemic challenges and inequities revealed during the COVID 19 pandemic. This change will require bold steps and will require new skills from corporate leadership.


Traditional issues in boardrooms and supervisory boards such as growth strategy, profit, and cost structure will be supplemented by broader, more far-reaching issues, such as new risks to the company, workplace safety issues, increased stakeholder interest in governance, and discussions about societal developments.


In addition, stakeholders increasingly expect companies to actively address societal challenges, such as:


Strategic alignment of the company with the "New Normal",


Topics around digitalization incl. infrastructure and relevant offerings,


Purpose and Sustainability, 


and customer centricity, including new customer needs.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-04-13 um
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