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Kick Off - Global Solution Summit / Berlin 2019

Aktualisiert: 1. Mai 2019

International researchers, thought-leaders and decisions makers from across politics, business, civil communities are meeting in Berlin.

All in all 1.600 people, 120 countries, 2 days, 60 sessions, 220 speakers and 90 Young Global Changers talking about social cohesion, climate change, future of politics, future of work, aging population etc.

More details here .https://www.global-solutions.international

First new friends are made from Mexico (Artemisa Montes Sylvan, Observatoria Mexicano de la Crisis), Argentina/Uruguay (Pablo Ava & Gustavo Martinez, Argentine Council for International Relations) and Bavaria (politician Claudia Stamm) :)

Most amazing for me was the catering, original 80th style. I spoke to a waitress about it and she told me that the caterer is "original", so this is no retro :). Food served in a cut bread with garnish?

About the author:

Birgit Baier is a Strategic Realizer - making complexity simple. She is international and digital at heart, a passionate Business Transformer with over twenty five years experience in leading digital and integrated marketing, innovation, brand development companies and managed strategic technology alliances/partnerships.

Creating meaningful solutions, products, services, brand experiences and delivering strategic innovation is what drives her.

More details can be found here: www.bempowered.de.

You can book Birgit as a speaker: http://www.women-speaker-foundation.de/speaker_Birgit_Baier

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