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The 9th Tel Aviv Cities Summit

Aktualisiert: 1. Mai 2019

This years Tel Aviv Cities Summit took place in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art which was a spectacular experience. 7 different tracks offered valuable and interesting topics related to trends, needs, innovation, latest developments cities face and solutions that are either worked on or are already in place. 2.100 people from 203 cities joined.

A few facts worth sharing. Something that for sure will change the way we will life in the future:

- 54% of the world's population lives in cities

- 3 million people moving to urban centers every week

- 75% expected to live in cities by 2050

Everybody agreed: should a city be smart is not a topic to discuss any longer, it needs to be brought to life. Societies, peoples needs, the way we do things, our values and perceptual change drives and demands transformation and digital transformation just being one element.

I can only congratulate the organizers to hosting the summit in the museum. A great idea, a fantastic place to talk and share and experience: smart city Tel Aviv!


About the author:

Birgit Baier is a Strategic Realizer - making complexity simple. She is international and digital at heart, a passionate Business Transformer with over twenty five years experience in leading digital and integrated marketing, innovation, brand development companies and managed strategic technology alliances/partnerships.

Creating meaningful solutions, products, services, brand experiences and delivering strategic innovation is what drives her.

More details can be found here:

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