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Welcome, this is my new blog /thoughts on creating your own website

Aktualisiert: 16. Aug. 2018

Hi there, thanks for stepping by, spending some of your valuable time to read and see what I have to say.

Hopefully you will find something that will enspire you or even better: will lead to a conversation.

After more that 25 years of being employed I finally decided to start a new chapter in my life: my own "thing". Something many people suggested for many years. The question always was: "Why don´t you do your own? All those years you restructured companies, created new line of businesses etc. you can do that for yourself as well." .... well I am about to explore that now. Setting up our charity bbuildsupnepal e.V. (Germany and BBUN an NGO in Kathmandu) from scratch without having a holding or an international company as an umbrella was the dry run so to speak:)

Same same, just a tiny little bit different.  How does it feel? Exciting, inspiring, adventures and sometimes a little unfamiliar. The best thing is, all the positive feedback and support I receive, as well as the fun it creates.  For sure being in Berlin helps as well.

I have to say, that the building my website drove me almost insane. I was lucky to have had a professional Creative Director designing the logo and giving me Corporate Design guidance (Thanks!! @Eike Silvester Wiemann).

My key take away:

- Building your own website is a very good lesson to get realigned with the concept of time and what it takes. You may have a timing in your head, which might not be in line with the time the software you are using requires or the fact that you simply have to learn as you go. And certain things need a certain time.

- Be mentally ready to redo pages and accept the chaos you may create (or is that just me?)

- Check if the provider offers a personal helpdesk, you will start to appreacite it! SOOO important - at least for me. And yes, I do understand the need for companies to automise and reduce costs and and and .... still. Alternatively tap into your personal support network like I did. Lucky me, my friends were very supportive and "gentle." :)

- Be mentally ready to spend time with various companies you got your domaine, email etc. from ....... WOW.

- It's ok to be a beginner and not have everything perfect, as a matter of fact it's helpful in many ways.

- The more people you ask for an opinion the more "ideas" will fload your way.

All in all building your own webpresence is a great way to practice patience.

Have a nice day.


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